Who the fuck is Mitzi?


E um desconhecido(a) nos adicionar no messenger?
Será um vírus? Vírus não é certamente porque ele não fala assim…

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Luís says (13:47): *mitzi' 
Luís says (14:00): *sim.... quem es?
You have just sent a nudge.
Mitzi says (14:00): *hey
Mitzi says (14:01): *i'm 21/f your a male right?
Mitzi says (14:01): *nice, I just got off work and finally got some time to relax which site did i msg you from again?
Mitzi says (14:01): *I know a way we can chat and have a better time.. do you cam?
Mitzi says (14:01): *Well i don't do yahoo cam or any other cam because i have been recorded before... But i do know one site you can watch me on cam, that assures me no one records...
Mitzi says (14:02): *I mean... Do you want to see me on my cam?
Mitzi says (14:02): *Ok go to http://www.freecamlink.net/bub7 accept the invite on the page baby
Mitzi says (14:02): *sweet, fill out the info ur info.. i can not wait for you to see me baby let me find something nice to wear
Mitzi says (14:03): *its the sites policy to ensure no minors get access to the site, so they might ask for CC to verify your age babe.
Mitzi says (14:03): *What color Panties do you think i should wear? i might have you favorite color here somewhere...
Mitzi says (14:03): *Your such a good boy, i'm gonna show you what good boys deserve.. you can tell me to do anything you want me too!
Mitzi says (14:04): *Ok let me know when you get in so I can invite you directly to my cam.
Mitzi says (14:04): *u have to enter a cc, atm, or debit card so they can tell your of age, thats the ony way to see me sweety :-(
Mitzi says (14:04): *k you in yet babe??
Mitzi says (14:05): *k
Luís says (14:19): *yap 'im in there 
Luís says (14:19):> but
(Luís says (14:19):> how did you get mail messenger?
Mitzi just sent you a nudge.
You have just sent a nudge.

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