Stick Me In My Heart

Por vezes encontramos músicas que nos fazem recordar momentos do passado...
Momentos esses que nunca conseguimos entender bem o que aconteceu...

Sacrifice my heart how I want it
Crave the pain you give 'cause I need it
Claw away my skin then I see it
Losing all my mind 'til I find it
You are all that cuts and is biting

You are all the things that enlight me
Take away you're here and I'm nothing
Just an empty hole
I am nothing
Take away my fear
Please do something
Everything that is
Is love about you

Stick me in my heart

Feeling you insane how I need it
Feeling all your pain
How I want it
Crashing through your walls
Like a hammer
Smashing up the floors of your thinking
Pull me through the cracks when your sinking
Pull me how you like

God I'm trying
Seeing all your life
When it's dying
Dragging me,
It kills me when you're fighting
Everything that is
Is love about you

Stick me in my heart so I feel it
Take me with your tears so I feel it
Sharing all your love
Now I feel it

Bring it back to life
I don't feel it
(Stick me in my heart)
So I feel it
(Sharing all your love)
Now I feel it

Hold me in your love
'cause love,
Hold me in your love 'cause love is everything,
Love is everything

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